“I am going to make your day today and tell you that my acupuncture treatment for my anxiety lasted 3 days when I didn’t even think acupuncture would help, thank you!”

My hot flashes are under control due to my acupuncture treatments, thank you!

“I don’t know what you did, but today was the best day with my elbow in 3 weeks! Amazing”.

Back pain relieved, energy up, pms gone! I never really gave acupuncture much serious thought, but thanks to Carleen Implicito, I’m a hooked believer! Thanks once again for making it all better.

I had leg pain since June from a herniated disc and as soon as Carleen put 3 needles in my leg last week on my initial visit, I had no pain. It was four months with leg pain and it was great to have the relief. I am now a believer in acupuncture!

I’ve been suffering with carpal tunnel and palm pain since I started doing a lot of pull ups. I tried acupuncture and it really made a difference. It still bothers me once in a while but Carleen educated me about the importance of the proper wrist mechanics for the prevention of pain and inflammation in between visits. Thanks, it works! JD

I am so grateful to Carleen. I had extreme pain in my hip and lower leg. I could barely walk without a dose of Advil. After the first acupuncture treatment I experienced relief of the hip pain completely. The lower leg pain had become more manageable, but after the second treatment, combined with the daily stretching exercises Carleen recommended I am completely pain free! She was totally focused on my pain, listened carefully to my history, and educated me on the process with her incredible knowledge. It was such an enjoyable and relaxing experience, I couldn’t even feel the needles and I am so grateful to be pain free. Thank you Carleen

Just love my acupuncture treatments with Carleen… She is so gentle that I actually have fallen asleep during the treatment.When I leave, I feel as if I’ve just had a relaxing massage. Regina

I felt relaxed and in good hands when you did the facial rejuvenation treatment on me. The results were amazing after one treatment. Christiane from Germany.

I am currently being treated by Carleen at Elite Acupuncture for chronic lower back pain. The facility is beautiful – modern, clean and relaxing! Carleen is a true professional, who listens to all of my complaints and treats them accordingly. She is extremely knowledgable and offers expertise in both Eastern and Western medicines. I have been making steady progress and look forward to my visits. Thank you, Carleen!

“I had joint pain in my shoulders for several months and was not able to shoot baskets or play catch with the grandchildren; also, I had to stop the use of free weights for the upper body exercise due to joint pain. I am reluctant to take pain medication because of side effects, so I decided to try acupuncture. I made and appointment at Elite Acupuncture. Carleen gave me a treatment for my shoulder pain, and the pain is greatly reduced. I can shoot a basketball and play catch. I have started using lightweights for upper body exercises.The treatments are virtually painless and have given me great relief, it is feels good to be mobile again.” Dan

“This is a such a wonderful place,” states Ronni, a retired medical assistant. “Carleen is very confident and knowledgeable in her job. She made me feel comfortable and extremely relaxed. Once she puts the music on, you just lay there feeling like you are floating. I would recommend Elite acupuncture for whatever ails you”.

Daniel, professional musician states, “I felt very comfortable and well taken care of. It’s a very calm atmosphere with a carefully administered treatment, that works. I would recommend Elite Acupuncture”.

“Acupuncture helped manage my pain and swelling before my meniscus surgery. I would recommend Elite Acupuncture to anyone with a knee injury”, states Cody a 21 year old, student and hockey player.