Contact us today 201-722-1582 to book a group acupuncture session in your business or community. This can be done in any public setting that has a large comfortable room that seat 6-10 individuals. This differs from a personalized acupuncture treatment that is administered in a private room setting.

Many practitioners across the country, have chosen to adopt this acupuncture model because it makes getting treatment more accessible and affordable. It’s so easy for friends and family members to come in for treatment together. Also a collective energetic field becomes established in a group which may make the treatments more powerful.

Home Visit is an exclusive acupuncture session that is tailored to the individuals needs. An initial consultation and treatment will be done in the privacy of your own home. The acupuncturist will bring all necessary items for treatment to include a massage table, heating pad, sheet, pillow/bolster, travel kit for acupuncture and music. If you are more comfortable with headphones or your own music, that’s not a problem! Note: Home visits are available on a referral basis only.

To book a zoom appointment :

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